Coelux HT25

CoeLux HT25 is a technological window that combines LED, optics and nanomaterials. Its distinctive 25 cm thickness is suitable for recessed installation even in small heights, in plasterboard or modular ceilings. It can be installed in different compositions, and the slim frame design facilitates the creation of semi-continuous windows, creating the perception of large portions of the sky.
Coelux’s previous products were expensive, bulky, and very heavy; sales were difficult because the available space in homes or buildings did not match the products’ requirements. HT25 was a major technological breakthrough; its optical concept and engineering conditions made it possible to reduce thickness by 75%, compared to previous products. Target price and time to market were important aspects during development and its achievement, allowed HT25 to become the best-selling product in Coelux’s entire history.

Client: COELUX
Date: April 9, 2019
Services: Project management, Concept, Design, Development, Production setup
Team: COELUX Team