Coelux LS Ice

CoeLux® LS (Long Sky), is the new system able to reproduce the sun and a bright infinite blue sky.

CoeLux® LS ICE can be installed as a single unit, as a modular system, or aligned in order to design hallways of light able to deliver depth or visual patterns.
The sunlight reflects on the frame creating a 45-degree sliver of light as well as a sliver of light in the opposite direction. This feature makes it ideal for spaces which require lively light: the sun reflected on the frame is visible from various angles. CoeLux® LS ICE suits offices and shops, where the double sliver of light can be fully exploited, as it can dramatically light up shop windows and the shop itself simultaneously.

Client: COELUX
Date: March, 2018
Services: Design, Development
Team: COELUX RnD and Engineering Departments