Yattà Makerspace

YATTA! is a makerspace at center of Milan. A place dedicated to fans of electronic, information technology, product design and video making. YATTA! is an open laboratory to the public in order to promote the sharing of expertise in handicraft and digital knowledge through events, workshops, courses and the ability to use machinery like 3D printers and cutting plotters. In YATTA! you can create an object from concept and design, to the creation of a prototype or a mini collection, supporting sales and promotion. YATTA! in Japanese means “I did it!”, “We made it!” the expression of happiness of those who conceive and complete a project using the space. The entrance space of YATTA! It is regulated by the membership association Code & Bulloni. The place that are being used by YATTA! were provided by the City of Milan with the contest Creative Makers, the project is part of the new plan of youth policy of the municipality.

Client: Personal project
Date: 2014
Services: Concept Design
Team: Marco Lanza, Marco Neri, Lais Kantor, Marco D'Antonio, Ilaria Biamonti, Fabrizia Indizzi, Matteo Devecchi, Camilo Martinez